Original Paint Colours / Codes – Volkswagen Golf GTI MK1 Campaign Edition (Part 4)

The following factory paint colours / codes were available on the GTI Campaign edition.

Colour Name: VW Paint Colour Code: Years available:
Diamond Silver Metallic L97A 1976 – 1983
Alpine White L90B August 1977 – 1983
Black L041 August 1977 – 1983
Mars Red (2) LA3A August 1979 – 1983
Atlas Grey Metallic LP7V August 1982 – 1983
Lhasa Green Metallic LA6V August 1981 – 1983
Helios Blue Metallic LA5Y August 1982 – 1983

Note: Although Atlas Grey does not appear on original brochures as an option for the GTI Campaign, several enthusiasts have confirmed that a number were built in such a colour, and several examples have been cited.

I have not, however, confirmed whether the Atlas Grey cars cited were produced in August/September (per the Campaign edition’s officially announced period).

Paint code location:

The paint code is located on the body label / sticker (sometimes referred to as the paint label).

This is in the boot area of the car, stuck to the metal in the rear of the trunk (between the tail lights). These tend to peel off over time, and may be missing.

An example of a label and paint code have been provided in the images.

More updates to follow…

Cheers for now! Hugh