Mk1 Golf Convertible Black Tonneau Cover 155871041B


Mk1 Golf Convertible Black Tonneau Cover 155871041B

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Mk1 Golf GTI Cabriolet Clipper Black Leatherette Tonneau Cover 155871041B

New Production –  ONLY ONE!

This Tonneau can be found on all cabriolet models after 1984.

It’s of black leather consistency.

Please note internal plastic end caps are not present, but elastic straps are.

The press studs have not been fitted and can be customized to customer needs.

Model: Hood cover VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio suitable for model years 1984-1993.

Product information: Hood cover for covering and protecting the hood when open. The cover has two functions: – The hood cover protects the hood and exposed areas of headliner from dust and UV radiation (fading) while driving. – The hood cover prevents open hood parts from being blown about by the wind or becoming inflated and blocking the view to the rear. The hood cover for the VW Golf 1 convertible is supplied together with the metal hooks for attaching the cover to the straps on the hood. The original caps from the old hood cover will be reused. However, the cover can also be used without the caps. The caps are designed to protect the hood cover from becoming frayed at the points where it rests against the hood frame. Material is Vinyl.

What’s included: Hood cover made of vinyl canvas and supplied with durable dot fasteners.