LCD MFA Display – MFA – 1302


LCD MFA Display – MFA – 1302

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LCD MFA Display – MFA – 1302

Fits – Mk1 & Mk2 Golf

After many years of use and frequent temperature fluctuations, at some point the seal of the LCD elements fails and the display “leaks”. Although the component itself is still fully functional, the numbers and symbols can no longer be read completely. Aging of the associated conductive contact rubbers is also a frequent reason for incomplete readability of the displays. Even if the liquid crystal display (LCD) is still fully intact. As a “Do it Yourself” solution, you can also repair the display yourself as a hobbyist with the components offered here as well as our support or an illustrated manual. No complex assembly work or soldering is required for the repair.

Because aging of the displays is a general problem, we generally advise against the purchase of used “still intact” multifunctional displays. Because even here it is only a matter of time until the display stops working. The exchange of your own display is therefore in the long run always the cheaper and best way.

Reference numbers:
1L0919880HX, 1L0.919.880.HX, 1L0 919 880 HX, 1L0919033EA, 1L0.919.033.EA, 1L0 919 033 EA, 1L0919880GX, 1L0.919.880.GX, 1L0 919 880 GX

What’s in the packet:
1 x LCD, 2 x conductive rubber, 1 x UVEX cleaning cloth, Instructions!


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